The system for electronic invoicing and payment of electricity bills

CENTRAL Billing System

A System for electronic invoicing and payment of electricity bills (CENTRAL Billing System) is used as an effective System for consumption calculation of electricity on the field (on the doorstep of the consumer) and to promptly issue and adequate bill for electricity consumption to consumers, with the possibility of collection invoice by payment cards at the m-portable POS device.

CENTRAL Billing System is a special module of CENTRAL System and allows Billing System on platform of smart phones, providing complete process of billing electricity consumption and issuing invoice by printing it through mobile thermal printer. CENTRAL Billing System has several different tariff systems with module for easy customization and adjustment.

CENTRAL Billing System uses mobile thermal printers for promptly issue bill for electricity consumption to consumers and that can have certified bank card reader which allows collection process (payment) for electricity bills on the field by any bank card.


Advantages of CENTRAL Billing System

Easy and simple customization of the system regardless of tariff profiles

Eliminating delivery cost for mailing electricity bills

Dramatic reduction of investing costs into complicated Billing Systems

Direct contact with consumers on the field and possibility of upgrading the System in direction of prompt bill collection from consumers (e.g. using bank cards etc.)

The system for security control of meters using electronic RFID seals


The System for security control of meters using electronic RFID seals (CENTRAL RFID Seal) is used as highly effective System for protection of meters with Electronic RFID Distribution Seals. Existing seals on electricity meters perform physical protection trough lead or plastic seals. Their main disadvantage is that they can be easily falsified or cloned. There are also techniques that they can be opened and closed without visible damage, which is widely published on YouTube. Once laid it is impossible to check their accuracy without visual contact, due to the inability to approach the meter (e.g. locked cabinets) and often a good will of worker who controls them, so seals’ irregularity can be properly recorded.

CENTRAL RFID Seal is used for physical protection of measuring devices on the field and present the cheapest and safest protection System for meters, cabinets with meters and another energy infrastructure. CENTRAL RFID Seal operate on the principle of passive RFID tags set on a three-tier label, which is non-resistant to any movement and lift-off, since at that time the mentioned passive RFID tag is being destroyed and as such provides a signal to RFID readers that an intervention has been done on measuring device. VSS Electronic RFID Seal is set up by gluing it to box composition with power cables on meter.


To be able to read CENTRAL RFID Seal you must put CENTRAL RFID Reader on smart phone through sound jack port. Reading range of CENTRAL RFID Reader is up to 1 meter, so when reading and controlling meters with CENTRAL APP System can check accuracy of distribution seals on meters to which physically cannot be accessed, e.g. if there are such in locked Meter Distribution Cabinets. Any removal or displacement of box with power cables on meter, breaks the label from CENTRAL RFID Seal and destroys passive RFID tag which during reading with CENTRAL RFID Reader reports whether someone has intervened on meter and that the same must be inspected (calibrated etc.) and protected again.

Main advantages of CENTRAL RFID Seal

CENTRAL RFID Seal are the same price as classic seals!

CENTRAL RFID Seal automatically report to be damaged or removed!

CENTRAL RFID Seal have secure System of coding that prevents their forging or cloning!

CENTRAL RFID Seal ensure data set linked to meter and thus permanently take care of technical accuracy of meters themselves.

CENTRAL RFID Seal is 100% protection of meter, meter point and other infrastructure from any physical abuse!

The system for automated electric meter reading – basic application



The System for automated electric meter reading (CENTRAL APP) represents basic model of the overall System and is used for contactless reading of electricity consumption and control of technical accuracy of meters using smart phones.

Number of workers in control and their involvement is reduced to a shorter period.

Percentage of read meters increases up to over 95 %!

System for proper management of database is introduced: type, model, year and manufacturer of meters; keeping accurate record on installation date of seals on meters; keeping proper record of control accuracy and calibration of meters, etc.

CENTRAL APP provides

Recording accurate data on consumption of the meter

Photo of meter with electricity consumption

Automatic reading of consumption via OCR Engine

Possibility of controlling manual data entry on consumption

Logic control of data entry on consumption

Automatic (exact) time of meter reading

Recording and control of the validity of distribution seals

Registering and alarming of magnet presence near meter

Recording all technical characteristics of meters on the field

Entering remarks that are present on the field

Technical photos of meter – recording technical shortcomings

Automatic internet download of meter reading lists to smart phone

Automatic internet transfer of data consumption to server of System

Automatic GPS position as evidence that reader has read the concrete meter

Keeping records about working on field and efficiency of readers

Creating and updating meter reading lists

Keeping record of any updates or changes on data consumption on meters

Control of operation and effective determination of abuse in recording consumption on meters, etc.

Control of all meters in every monthly reading before sending data to Billing System of Electric Distribution Companies

CENTRAL APP Systems operate with following subsystem

The System for automated identification of electricity theft by magnets – CENTRAL Magnet APP - as default subsystem that is integrated in basic version of application

The System for routing and monitoring work of readers in the field – GPS CENTRAL - as default subsystem that is integrated in basic version of application

The System for security control of meters using electronic RFID seals - CENTRAL RFID Seal - as add-on subsystem that can be included as upgrade for basic model of the System

The System for automated meter reading with IR probes – CENTRAL IR APP - as add-on subsystem that can be included as upgrade for basic model of the System

The System for electronic invoicing and payment of electricity bills on the field - CENTRAL Billing System - as add-on subsystem that can be included as upgrade for basic model of the System

Software for identifying and locating loses in low voltage (LV) network – CENTRAL ANTI-LOST APP - as add-on subsystem that can be included as upgrade for basic model of the System


Consumption control of meters is carried out on total number of meters for every reading, and not on much smaller sample (up to 20% of the meters – by sending inspector on the field). In that way, data that are delivered to the Billing System for printing bills are very accurate and credible. Therefore, we receive the right image of condition and technical correctness of measuring points on the field.

Main benefits of CENTRAL APP System in reading process of meters

Reduces the number of meter readers which reduces operating costs up to 30% in reading process

Reduces commercial and technical losses in distribution of electricity from 30% up to 50%, through following mechanisms

Eliminates manual data entry on electricity consumption in the Billing System by overwriting data from paper reading sheets, which significantly reduces the need for manpower, but also prevents errors of data entry (retyping)

For each meter read there is a photo that shows consumption of the meter, with "embossing" these data on photos of meter which thus become unique and authentic, and dramatically eliminates the existence of any consumer’s complaints, recording non-existent consumption (abuse)

For each meter read there is the exact time and GPS position of reading, therefore in this way we eliminate the possibility of tuning data of electricity consumption for consumers in the field

There is an automated System for recording all possible situations (anomalies on meters and meters points, as well as in the process of meter reading) in the field, presenting the right image of reading, as well as recording the real situation on the field and electricity consumption of consumers

System for writing a ‘’0’’ consumption of non-read meters is disabled which was one of the main reasons for "fixing" the consumption of certain users

System for writing non-existent (reduced) consumption to specific consumers is disabled, because there are photos for each meter reading

There is a System for automatic recording of abuse by placing a magnet on a meter