Our Services

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Consulting Service

According to our customer’s unique requirement for product or business, we can provide the customer with the professional services, such as manufactory background and credit investigation, R&D situation research report of specified product, local law and regulation consulting involved in supply chain management, and the proposal of the best solution for the supply chain of special need.

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Project Management

As almost all business will involve complicated factors or issues, we will treat each dealing as a project, and strive to provide this kind of service for our customers with the professional project management service. By using our one-stop sourcing service, You can enjoy more benefits, such as purchasing policy, product price, market information, etc.

Outsourcing the non-core business to Central East Corporation can be cost effective as it is saving time and man power, reducing operating cost, avoiding hidden cost and risk. By sharing our experience, knowledge and connection accumulated for a long time and increasing the efficiency to meet internal purchasing requirement quickly and correctly, you will gain much more value-added services, and increase more value of the supply chain.

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Product Development

You have a clear idea about the item you want to develop? If you want to change specifications about an already existing item or set up a completely new development, this is your service.

Here we source suppliers who can deliver an item that exists already and is close to your spec. After that we go further with one supplier and customize the quotation to the exact item you need.

Every development is different, therefore pricing for this service varies. Get in touch and we will quote accordingly.

Our pledge is to refund up to 30% of our service fee in case customer expectations are not met due to our performance.

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Logistics solutions

We provide a wide range of services in terms of logistics. We have agreements with DHL and FedEx getting significant discounts off of their standard pricing. In addition we cooperate with freight forwarders directly.

Our partners in logistics facilitate door-to-door shipments for our customers and can ship directly to the designated locations, even to Amazon warehouses. We can take care of the paperwork and the management of the shipment.

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Sample consolidation

Whether it is airfreight, seafreight or just sample consolidation in our Hong Kong office, with us you save on every service.

We even provide a sample checking service in case you want to sort out the bad eggs before paying logistics costs for receiving items you finally can not use at all.

This service is quoted on an individual base. Get in touch with us and let us know what you need.

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Inspection service

We strongly recommend everybody shipping from Asia to conduct a third party final random inspection or pre shipment inspection. These checks help you gain an understanding about the quality and workmanship of the item you are about to ship.

Together with our strategic partners we help you to prepare, schedule and execute inspections on sight before shipment. We fill our inspection instruction and send it to you for release before scheduling the appointment. Our inspection service cost quoted on an individual base.

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Quality and test plan service

In addition to our inspection service we also provide quality and test plan services. If you want to know what tests and certificates are needed for a particular country for the product that you want to introduce, we can help you obtain a test plan from our partner test laboratories and in addition to that we provide certificate validation services with the relevant test laboratories on demand. This service is quoted individually.